1. I dont even like wrestling

  2. Some spot illustrations for Root and Bone Magazine for an article about bootleg brewing.

  3. An editorial for an article titled “Why is Pope Francis promoting sin?”

    Read the full article here


  4. Illustrating an article about 24/7 church’s. Made it into a little gif though haven’t i.

  5. A little drawing for “Illustrated Game”. It’s about Wayne Rooney’s hair piece. 


  6. Procrastination doodle. Walter mellun.


  7. Updated my website with work from this year.


  8. Burroughs

  9. Here’s my submission for a women of hip hop book, it’s coming out in the future.

  10. Currently finishing off my MA, here’s one of the pages from the final project.

  11. Drew this a while back but didnt like the original colours and its been toned back with the texture detail.

  13. "Meeting of International Conference of Technological Psychiatry". 



    Naked Lunch Extract.

  14. I was asked to produce some editorial images that would have been dotted around the page spread. The article was about company exects going on riot in the workplace, the article got pulled but here they all are on one page.

  15. Some recent work for Bloomberg View and Bloomberg Business Week