1. A draft character design for an upcoming project, probably be out next year.


  2. Updated/Redesigned my website.

    It’s all updated and that.



  3. "Estraction", because there’s no "x" in estraction. A strip illustrating the different types of espresso extraction.

  4. Set up a side piece project called Tinder Horrors, illustrating the monsters from Tinder. Submissions welcome.


  5. Illustration about different kinds of coffee beans, cherries and coffee leaf diseases.

  6. Here are a handful illustrated gif’s based on childhood tv characters

  7. Part of a collaborative effort for the Illustrated Game. Each artist was given a part of a football pitch and a national side, i got France and the centre circle.

  8. Work i produced for Dodo Magazine Issue two

  9. Some spot illustrations for Root and Bone Magazine for an article about bootleg brewing.

  10. An editorial for an article titled “Why is Pope Francis promoting sin?”

    Read the full article here


  11. Illustrating an article about 24/7 church’s. Made it into a little gif though haven’t i.

  12. A little drawing for “Illustrated Game”. It’s about Wayne Rooney’s hair piece. 


  13. Procrastination doodle. Walter mellun.


  14. Updated my website with work from this year.


  15. Burroughs