1. Illustrating an extract from “Naked Lunch”

  2. I spend alot of time watching documentaries and looking at 90s stuff

  3. Very quick turn around for Bloomberg, illustrating an article about the price of donating glasses. Article here

  4. Heres my exhibition piece entitled “strychnine”, more info on the exhibition here

  5. Another quick editorial piece, its a response to an article about the rise in the ocean swell.

  6. MA Camberwell Illustration exhibition at the Blackall Studios in Shoreditch. Im really looking forward to this, its showcasing serious talent. More information here

  7. Personal editorial, A response to an article about using social networks to tally death counts.

  8. I drew a “fearow” for the Pokemon Battle Royal exhibition at the Light Grey Art Lab.

  9. Another image illustrating text from Naked Lunch.

  10. Animated version of my t-shirt design for Network Awesome


  11. A t-shirt design for Network Awesome. If you really like it you can buy it here

  12. "death….Nobody can breathe and smell it through pink convolutions of gristle laced with crystal snot, time shit and black blood filters of flesh" (naked lunch, William S Burroughs)

  13. Some personal work, illustrating parts of “Naked Lunch” by William S Boroughs

  14. Personal response to the concept of “renewable design”

  15. ”Discover AtlantASS” comic
    ”Discover AtlantASS” comic

    Heres a preview of a comic book i completed for Talibam! and Sam Kulik for a concept album called “”Discover AtlantASS””

    It will be published by Belly Kids, read more about it here…